Glossy 3D Logo Design Template Set

Glossy 3D Logo Design Template Set

Free logo design set featuring high quality, 3D logo elements. These glossy 3d logo templates are good enough for plenty of purposes – use them for business or eco related projects, personal portfolio templates, ecommerce templates or even for beauty agencies. These 10 vector logos are made of vector shapes which means that you will be able to edit the logo templates with no frustration at all. Download these logo designs now from Vector Logotypes for free!

Included Logo Templates

  • Puzzle vector logo template
  • Sphere logo design template
  • Circular logo template
  • Flower vector logo
  • Eco bulb logo design
  • Arrows vector logo design
  • Loop logotype
  • RSS logo concept
  • Writing logo vector design template

File Format: Eps
Number of Items in Set: 10
Author: Vector Logotypes

Please respect the Logo Design author’s copyright license in any case.

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