Butterfly Logo Design Template

Superb logo design template designed especially for a wide range of businesses including florists, boutiques, beauty salons, eco organizations, wildlife conservation organizations, charities, fashion related designs and any other project that has anything in common with beauty, nature and environment. It goes without saying that our vector logo is suitable both for web and print related projects. So, if you … Continue reading

Free Animal Logo Design Template

Free animal logo template presented in abstract, funny style. Animal logo templates are always in need due to the large quantity of animal related businesses – pet stores, vets, pet games, pet programs, animal protection programs and many more. Good example for animal logo that could be used for inspiration and just for the idea of it. Created in Adobe … Continue reading

Butterfly Logo Vector Template

Free logo design template featuring the tendest animal of all – the butterfly. Use this creative logo template for animal related projects as pet stores, vets, animal protection organizatons, .. etc. The butterfly logo template is a creative start for those, who are not satisfied with the final product and need something just for a base. You won’t experience difficulties … Continue reading

Free Business Logo Vector Design Template with Kiwi Graphic

Creative logo design template presenting a kiwi graphic image that is not imposing but rather slightly standing by the logo text therefore the logo template is suitable for business companies and animal protection organizations at the same time. Perfect logo template even for startups who need to spread the news of saving the kiwis that are near extinct. Use the … Continue reading

Spa & Beauty Logo Vector Design

Free logo design template presenting a graceful swan illustration that refers to protecting the nature and could be also used for spa, skin care, clothing, health, beauty salons and hairdressers. This vector logo template is a good start for all newcomers, because you will be able to examine the logo design for free and study the way it has been … Continue reading
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